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Why jewelers should buy premium jewelry domains to upgrade their online identities

Jewelry Appraisal

Local jewelry brands typically don't have a national or international identity and reputation.  For instance, a respected jewelry store in Atlanta has garnered goodwill locally for over 20 years but nobody searching for "diamond earrings" online from Seattle has ever heard of them.  Therefore, consumers in Seattle are less likely to purchase diamond earrings from an Atlanta jewelry store online whose tradename is unrecognizable, or has no built in goodwill in the Seattle area.  A premium .com domain name such as has built in, global goodwill under the ".com" brand extension.  Consumers in every city of the world associate exact match .com domains with trusted and reliable brands.

>  Another big challenge selling jewelry online is competing against the large jewelry players who carry a competitive assortment of most jewelry products.  By carving out an online niche jewelers can build a sustainable business in a sizeable target market, and ultimately be the industry leader over time.  In the online world "location, location, location" is just as important as the brick and mortar world.  Owning the best "location", ie domain name, affords a competitive advantage especially in niche markets.

>  The growth in popularity of lab created diamonds and gemstones has led to a fractured jewelry market, and lab created product continue to take market share away from natural stone jewelry.  The domains in the Jewelry.Domains portfolio are truly agnostic to whether one sells lab created or natural stones, or both, making them ideal for jewelry ecommerce.

>  Owning more than one brick and mortar storefront in a particular city or region can increase your overall sales materially.  The same logic holds true online.  Developing e-commerce operations on multiple domains provides a strategic advantage in marketing online through most channels including search engine optimization and social marketing.

Digital marketing is more impactful when the product or domain you are marketing has a very easy to remember and spell domain name.  An easy to remember and spell domain allows you to not only get a better ROI on digital marketing, but also traditional marketing such as radio and TV.   Some marketers even use easy to remember and spell domains strictly for forwarding to harder, more complex URLs that are difficult for consumers to remember.

>  As jewelry ecommerce continues to grow and take market share from brick and mortar, the very best jewelry domain names that are not already developed will become more coveted over time.  Even if developing a premium domain online is not in the cards for the immediate future, reserving that option now could help ensure business continuity for future generations.

>  The carrying costs of premium .com domain names are extremely cheap, about $9/yr.  Taxes on brick and mortar properties are significantly higher, and paying rent on retail space in a mall or shopping center doesn't go towards property ownership at all.

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