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Domain names are akin to digital real estate.  Great domain names provide credibility to consumers, and they have unique utility and marketing value.  Jewelry Domains is the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling premium jewelry domains.


Jewelry Domains receives thousands of monthly visitors from direct navigation through its unparalleled selection of outstanding domains.  The "exact match searches" for the Top 25 keyword domains are greater than 1.5 million searches/month, and "broad match searches" are greater than 15 million searches/month.


Incredible niche product and branding opportunities for Jewelers across the globe exist with our large assortment of premium domains.  Whether your are interested in diamonds, gold, or precious gemstones like sapphires and rubies, Jewelry Domains carries your digital asset.

Secure your digital future now!

How It Works

Browse Domains

You can browse domain listings three different ways:


1.  Review top domain listings in detail on the Home page

2.  Use the View All tab in navigation to see domains by price range

3.  Navigate to specific category pages via the top right drop down box "More"

Please note domain name ask prices and ranges are subject to change.


Buying Domains

Please visit How To Buy


Financing is available on select domains, please visit Financing

Selling Domains

We are currently evaluating new domains to list on our premium marketplace.  Please note we will only consider listing one and two word premium .com domains for sale on our website, and Jewelry Domains does not buy domains directly from the public.


Please visit Selling page to submit your jewelry domain for consideration.

Safe, Secure Transactions

All transactions are conducted safely and securely through, the most trusted escrow service for domain names online.  Please review their website for further details.

Example of Domain Listing

Image by Sabrinna Ringquist

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Q)  What is a domain name, and how is it a "digital asset"?

A)  A domain name is akin to internet real estate, it's the web address you market to customers and the online destination they identify you with.  .Com is the most popular domain extension, or top level domain, as it stands for "commercial venture".  Domain names are the original "digital asset" dating back to 1986, as they may be legally bought, sold, and traded for profit by individuals or companies.

Q)  How much are annual renewal costs per domain?

A)  Annual renewal costs per domain depend upon the domain extension.  For example, .com domains are tethered to small annual increases that must be approved by ICANN.  Currently the wholesale price of a .com renewal fee is $8.39/yr, and registrars like GoDaddy charge consumers and/or businesses as little as $9/yr.  Other domain extensions such as .jewelry price their annual fees much higher, and on an individual domain basis.  There is no governing body limiting the amount or frequency of renewal price increases for the vast majority of "non .com" domains.

Q)  What's the different between a "generic" domain name and a "trademarked" domain name?

A)  A generic domain name does not include a famous brand or trademark within the words of the domain, and therefore, often has considerable value because a tradename can be built upon the domain.  A great example is "".  A trademarked domain is a domain name that incorporates a word or words that are trademarked at the USPTO or foreign patent office.  An example of a trademarked domain name is "", and only Tiffany can legally build a site upon this domain.

Q)  Why are some domains available for financing, yet others are not?

A)  All domain names are unique and have different interest levels from jewelers or investors.   The domains we choose to offer financing is based upon a number of different factors.  If you are interested in financing but the domain you are interested in does not appear to offer financing, please contact us.

Q)  What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

A)  We prefer sales in $USD, although we will consider cryptocurrency.  Please contact us for further information.

Q)  I'm a jeweler and already have a local brand, why would I want another jewelry domain name? 

A)  There are multiple reasons why jewelers should consider purchasing a complimentary, or secondary, domain.  You can review common reasons by reviewing our Jewelers section.

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